Friday, December 21, 2012

United States defeat Sweden

Galchenyuk held pointless in 3-2 OT U.S. win.


1st period:
6 shifts, 4:15 TOI
He actually had 5 shifts, but was on the ice for 3 seconds before play stopped and he was changed quickly.

The breakdown is:
3:36 even strength
0:39 powerplay
0:00 penalty kill

I don't get why everyone was freaking out that he wasn't on the first wave of the PP. In the 39 seconds he got of PP time in the 1st, it was the first wave and it ended the period. Only other penalty to Sweden, Galchenyuk wasn't on the first wave but it ended soon enough after Murphy scored.

Other than that, he turned the puck over one in the offensive zone while trying to do it all by himself on a 1-on-4. He drop passed it but nobody was following behind him... or anywhere else for that matter. He also turned the puck over a second time while in the defensive zone, but the puck was recovered only once it had left the zone, which did not put the US at much risk of a goal against.

Galchenyuk also won the only face-off he took in the first, cleanly back to the point.


2nd period:
7 shifts, 6:37 TOI

The breakdown is:
2:43 even strength
3:54 power play (woah!)
0:00 penalty kill

First wave of the PP each time he got to work the power play, so no need to run around in a panic. He dazzled the crowd and us on HF with some fancy stick-handling. He beat two Swedish players once to get a shot on net and then did it again to register two shots. The second of those two shots was a beautiful, through the legs attempt. Galchenyuk finished the period off with FOUR shots on net, including a crash the net play after he took a pass from Lucia. Also important to know, he attempted three more shots but they were all blocked.

Galchenyuk added another giveaway to his game, after he attempted to make a pass to Murphy while they were both at the point on the PP. The pass was intercepted but no real chance came of it for the Swedes.

He added another clean face-off win in the 2nd, putting him at 2-for-2 on the night.


3rd period:
7 shifts, 4:48 TOI

The breakdown is:
2:50 even strength
1:24 power play
0:34 penalty kill

Important to note, he played only one quick shift of penalty kill because he was coming out of the box to turn a 5-on-3 into a 5-on-4. During the shift, he intercepted a pass at the point and cleared the puck out of the zone before heading off to make a change. That was Galchenyuk's only takeaway of the game and only PK shift of the game.

As mentioned above, he was in the penalty box. A rather uncharacteristic penalty for Galchenyuk as he took the body and then threw the arm out the hold the player and bring him down. The penalty came just five seconds into his second shift of the period.

Galchenyuk played just one PP shift in the 3rd but it was a long one. 1:48 total during the shift and 1:24 of that shift was on the PP. Sweden ended up taking another penalty shortly after but Galchenyuk did not see any time on that one, as he was likely being rested after a near two minute shift. This PP and the first one in the 1st period were the only PPs where Galchenyuk did not play on the first wave. Just in case I haven't stressed it enough already.

Galchenyuk went 1-for-2 in the face-off circle in the 3rd, both of which took place in the defensive zone. The total brought him up to 3-for-4 on the night, good for 75.0% efficiency. Not too shabby, but these are numbers I'm used to seeing in the OHL.


1 shift, 0:51 TOI

The breakdown is:
0:51 even strength
0:00 power play
0:00 penalty kill

Galchenyuk got just one shift, registering a shot that almost beat the goaltender. He also turned over the puck once when he was checked into the boards, knocking him off the puck. The total brought him up to four turnovers, three of which took place in the offensive zone while the other took place in the defensive zone.

Galchenyuk also took just one face-off, winning it cleanly to his winger, who was stationed just outside the circle, behind Galchenyuk. The total for tonight was 4-for-5, boosting him up to 80.0% efficiency. Nice!

So... here's the totals!

21 shifts, 16:31 TOI
IMPORTANT TO KNOW! Galchenyuk played only 34 seconds of PK, so that explains his shortened ice time. Also, they need to make some cuts so they were likely running all lines and monitoring certain players.

Breakdown for the entire game:
10:00 even strength
5:57 power play
0:34 penalty kill

Other stats;
8 attempted shots, 5 shots on net, 3 blocked
4 giveaways, 3 offensive zone, 1 defensive zone
1 takeaway, defensive zone - on the penalty kill
4-for-5 in the face-off circle (80.0%)

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